Monografias Prontas - As regards the master's dissertation, the average number of pages is 120
pages. Strictly speaking, especially in the master's dissertation, the number of pages suggestion, since the structure of the work should be with the counselor so that the text is coherent and cohesive with the academic pretensions Monografias Prontas.
Quotations, footnotes, tables, titles, and numbering of sections and pages.
As a suggestion, the post-graduation Monografias Prontas lato sensu has, on average, 40 pages. In the case of the monograph required by EDB, the text should contain 40 and 80 pages. Monografias Prontas - Note that in this number of pages only textual elements are taken into account.
Already in the work of conclusion of course of graduation, the monograph must also present from 40 to 80 pages. If the option is to carry out the scientific article, the number of pages should vary between 25 to 35 pages.
Monografias Prontas - It is necessary to keep in mind that the form also helps the exposure of the
clear, objective and concatenated arguments. Monografias Prontas - The standardized form of
exposure brings the reader of the research a primary comfort for reading due to the pre-understanding that he can expect from the text.
Monografias Prontas - Although the graphic aspects of a legal that, as a rule, students do not usually give much importance or face boring and unnecessary work, it is necessary to consider that the graphic aspects of the text are that they provide the standardization of the writing and formal structure of the text. Monografias Prontas - Among other objectives of this formalization, we can mention the ease of exchange between different sources of propagation, for example.